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Shipping for Australia

small orders: $13.00
orders with rail: $24.00

Our webstore offers several types of STAS picture hanging systems.
Here’s a quick overview with the unique characteristics of each type of picture rail to help you choose the right picture hanging system for your situation:
• STAS cliprail pro - an ideal solution when heavier works of art need to be hung on a system that still looks elegant and attractive.
• STAS cliprail max - with this picture rail, your ceiling, wall and hanging system smoothly unite
• STAS minirail - an elegant, barely visible hanging system, the smallest picture rail in the world

Mounting Color Installation


smallest rail in the world

25 kg/m¹ Wall mounted

White or silver

Starting from

$ 29.92

cliprail pro

heavy duty rail

45 kg/m¹ Wall mounted White or silver Starting from

$ 39.60

cliprail max

no gap between rail and ceiling
25 kg/m¹ Wall mounted White or silver Starting from

$ 31.90

Picture hanging systems

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