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STAS picture hangers are nylon (perlon) monofilament cords and steel cables fitted with the patented STAS cobra. The picture hangers allow you to hang your pictures, paintings and wall decorations flexibly, in no time, without nails. The perlon cord is virtually invisible and the steel cable is suitable for hanging heavier wall decorations.

STAS picture hangers can be used for every STAS picture hanging system in our webshop. After the picture rail has been mounted on the wall or ceiling you can hook the STAS cobra into the rail at the desired spot. This way you can easily rearrange your pictures time and time again, without using any tools.
Use the picture hangers in conjunction with the picture rail and picture hooks in our shop to complete your picture hanging system.

When choosing your picture hooks and hangers/cords, there are several possible combinations. Your choice depends on the desired look and the weight of your painting or wall decoration.

STAS smartspring: One of the most common picture rail hooks used with the STAS picture hangers, is the STAS smartspring. The self locking picture hook slides onto a virtually invisible nylon (perlon) cord. You can slide it up and down easily to the required height. This allows you to adjust the height at any time, without any tools. The STAS smartspring can carry weights up to 4 kg (8.8 lbs).

STAS zipper: this picture rail hook is ideal for hanging heavier picture frames and paintings.
The STAS zipper can be applied to a perlon cord as well as a steel cable. The STAS zipper on nylon (perlon) cord can carry weights up to 15 kg (33 lbs) and weights up to 20 kg (44 lbs) when used on a plain steel cable. The zipper can carry weights up to 10 kg when used with white or black coated steel cables.

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